Opening time 5-8 December

Restaurante Mechela Arenal Sevilla


Sunday 5 Dec. 14:00-16:00/20:30-00.00

Monday 6 Dec. 14:00-16:00/20:30-00.00

Tuesday 7 Dec. 14:00-16:00/20:30-00.00

Wednesday 8 Dec. 14:00-16:00

Zamburiñas con crema de guisantes

Seasonal suggestions

Our kitchen staff suggests different proposals for this season:

  • Sea anemone and cuttlefish rice with pickled ‘piparra’ pepper and manzanilla (sherry) ‘allioli’
  • Rice with lobster
  • Scallops with cream of peas, seaweed and beans sautéed with iberian ham
  • Grilled monkfish with smoked cauliflower cream and ‘mojama’ (cured tuna)
  • Warn soup of white asparagus with cockles and fried artichokez