Our Menu

  • selection of Spanish cheeses
  • selection of loin and cured meats of iberian pork acorn-fed
  • anchovies from Santona
  • homemade pate with jam and artisan bread
  • spanish potato salad with pickled chicken
  • salmon tartare with cucumber, apple & tzatziki
  • duck confit salad
  • marinated anchovies salad with mango, avocado, fix and tapenade
  • crispy big prawn with cashew nut ‘ajoblanco’ & herrin roe
  • grilled octopus with vichyssoise and crouton
  • roasted vegetable lasagna
  • oxtail tajine with couscous & chick peas
  • iberian pork cheeks with potato purée and vegetables
  • baby squid with potatoes and egg hash
  • crispy fideua with squids and black alioli
  • black seafood rice
  • rice with partridge iberian rice (rice with strips of pork ribs and mushrooms)
  • sweet potatoe gnocchi with smoked sardine and broccoli pesto
  • stuffed pasta with spinach and mascarpone
  • ravioli stuffed with minced beef sirloin and roasted vegetables
  • beef sirloin with grilled vegetables
  • venison loin with grilled vegetables
  • iberian pork sirloin
  • baby lamb chops with aubergines with honey and yogourth sauce
  • seafood stew
  • cod confit with a “puttanesca” sauce
  • hake loin with artichokes, sherry wine and mint’
  • fish of the day “a la roteña” or with crusty fideua

The menu may change depending on the establishment and the time of year.

For groups of 8 or more people we would need to agree on a menu in advance to be able to offer good service. Please ask for more information.

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